Tim Couch

Tim Couch





Tim considers one of his greatest storytelling triumphs to have occurred while sharing ghost stories to students around a campfire. One of the boys jumped up at a climactic point in the story and said: "That's it, I'm out of here." He suddenly looked startled and asked: "Did I say that out loud?" And he sat down to hear the ending.


For 14 years, Tim practiced law in Dallas. Most of that time he was employed by the District Attorney's Office and prosecuted child abuse cases. In 1993 Tim decided to change careers. He joined the faculty of the Episcopal School of Dallas and began to teach religion classes to middle school students. It was at this time that Tim developed his love of storytelling.


Tim is the vice-president of the Dallas Storytelling Guild, has served as the president of the Dallas Guild, and is a past-president of the Tejas Storytelling Association. He has spun yarns for students, children, adults, scouts, and corporate executives. He has told at schools, libraries, churches, the Bath House Cultural Center, Dallas Heritage Village, the Texas State Fair, the Crow Collection of Asian Art Museum, the Texas Storytelling Festival, the Spirit of Oklahoma Storytelling Festival, and the Texas Storytelling Conference. He has served as the emcee at the Spirit of Oklahoma Storytelling Festival and the Oklahoma City Storytelling Festival.  He has lead workshops at storytelling guilds, for teachers in the Fort Worth School District, and at the Texas Storytelling Conference.

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