Reagin Forman Hults

Reagin Forman Hults





Preserving her legacy, speaking her truth as a daughter – wife – mother – friend – emerging wise woman, Reagin brings a lifetime of experiences to every story. She finds common ground with adult audiences when she shares personal narratives and insights. Her stories of family life are drawn both from her experiences as daughter in a close-knit Texas clan and as mother to three lively sons. Now an empty-nester, Reagin is discovering her new path and invites listeners along for the journey.


Reagin has a gift for tailoring “old favorites” so that they speak to new audiences. An educator with years of volunteer experience in churches and the Boy Scouts, Reagin engages students with anti-bullying and pro-peace tales as well as stories just for fun. Reagin gives an energetic performance designed to set toes to tapping and minds to thinking!


No matter the venue, no matter the audience, Reagin speaks from the heart and her genuine love shines through.

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