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Melody “AFI” Bell

is a griot dedicated to preserving history orally as a storyteller, musician, poet and singer.

Tim Couch

considers one of his greatest storytelling triumphs to have occurred while sharing ghost stories to students around a campfire.

Elizabeth Ellis

has an extensive repertoire which features Appalachian and Texas tales, ghost stories, world folktales, stories of heroic American women and personal stories.

Dan Gibson

has programs that include folk, historical tales, ghost stories, whoppers, lively sing-alongs.

Gene and Peggy


are a tandem storytelling team that shares myriad folktales, fairy tales, ghost stories, historical accounts and personal stories with humor and insight for all ages.

Traphene Hickman

loves to tell to book clubs, Lions clubs, schools, churches, women retreats and anyone else who asks her.

Reagin Hults

engages students with anti-bullying and pro-peace tales as well as stories just for fun and entertains adults with personal narratives.

Richard Nash

spends his time on his boat, The Blue Coyote, or walking in the woods of East Texas playing his flute to the deer who will listen and having coffee with the coyotes

Jiaan Powers

tells multi-cultural folktales, literary tales, ghost stories, and snippets from home for children and adults.

Toni Simmons

is a Featured Author and storyteller in classrooms and libraries throughout Texas and across the United States.

Shawn Small

shares the glorious tales learned from the indigenous people he visits on his many adventures around the globe.

Jyoti and Meena

tell their signature genre of Hindu mythology, along with folktales and personal stories.