Shawn Small

Shawn Small


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With each new travel adventure embarked on from points around the globe, Shawn hears and learns glorious tales from the indigenous people he visits.


As the new century was unfolding, Shawn Small began to question where his life was going. Aside from his spiritual faith, wife Cheryl and their three children, what did he love most?  Traveling and stories!


At age 23, Shawn had taken his first out-of-the-country trip exploring ancient ruins, sipping tea with desert Bedouins, and visiting the catacombs beneath Rome.  Hooked on traveling, Shawn began to lead groups of young people to visit indigenous tribes in the Guatemalan mountains, hike through Alaskan rainforests to hidden glacier lakes, and explore ancient Celtic passage tombs in Ireland.


Taking a superb leap of faith, Shawn unveiled Wonder Voyage in 2000, a unique non-profit organization dedicated to leading seekers into the ancient and sacred sacrament of pilgrimage.  Since then, Wonder Voyage has led thousands of pilgrims to over forty countries and continues to expand into new territories.  Shawn later established Boundless Expeditions, a travel company focusing on schools, colleges, corporations or lone travelers—those who look at adventure travel as a chance to change the world.


Although he continues to lead several trips and retreats a year, Shawn considers himself first and foremost a storyteller—before audiences and in print. In 2008, Providence House Publishers released his first book, The Via Crucis, bronze medal winner of the Inspirational/Spiritual category at the 13th annual Independent Publisher Book Awards. His second book The Via Advent,was released in 2010 and awarded the silver medal in the Inspirational/Spiritual category at the 15h annual Independent Publisher Book Awards. He is currently working on an independent documentary filmed in South Sudan.

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