Jyoti and Meena Subramanian

Jyoti and Meena


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What can I say about Meena and me that won't sound like I'm bragging, but indeed, we make a unique pair because we are a mother-daughter team!  We started telling tandem tales professionally in 2008 when Meena was in sixth grade.  We had five children in our audience at a public library for our first story session.  That made us wonder if this path would take us anywhere at all but we didn't worry about it, and with no goals in mind we kept doing what we enjoy doing most.  We do tell stories separately but truly cherish telling in tandem.


We have told stories at libraries, schools, storytelling festivals, and other various places to a variety of audiences ranging from kids to adults to families. Meena has even won awards for telling stories.  At our last tandem performance at an elementary school we had eight hundred children, school faculty, staff and some parents in the audience.  That gave us the realization of how we have grown as storytellers.


Although our signature genre is Hindu mythology, we also tell folktales and personal stories. With awareness of pieces of stories surrounding us in our daily lives, we carefully spin our ordinary encounters into stories. We challenge ourselves by custom fabricating stories for special requests.


The right words open pathways between the worlds -- R.M., Dreamways of the Iroquois

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