About the Dallas Storytelling Guild

Storyteller with banjo talking with young girl.Members of the Dallas Storytelling Guild range from dedicated listeners to beginning storytellers to full-time professional tellers. Our stories come from many cultures and traditions and include folk and fairy tales, family and personal stories, cowboy poetry, tall tales, and outright lies! Professional and skilled amateur storytellers from the Guild provide programs at diverse venues including schools, churches, civic organizations, community events, corporations, rehabilitation facilities, prisons, and festivals. Stories are not only delightful sources of entertainment, they can also serve as cultural bridges, therapeutic resources, and a means to strengthen our communities. They give voice to our oral traditions and history. Stories can shed light on difficult situations and offer pathways for communication and healing. They can help us understand each other, providing building blocks toward peace. The power of story lies with the listener, for stories resonate differently with each of us, but a story is powerless until told. So, if you know of a venue where listeners gather – from living rooms and corporate boardrooms to public venues such as coffee shops, bookstores, churches or pubs – please consider contacting the Guild. We would like to create a storytelling experience tailored just for you.